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react native training in new york

About React Native

React Native is a framework for using JavaScript and React to create native mobile applications. It combines the intuitive, declarative structure of React with the performance, look, and feel of Native applications. React Native also has the potential to alter how developer teams are structured, allowing web, iOS, and Android teams to share knowledge, resources, and even code.

This course will guide Developers through the entire React Native development process. From setting up their development environments all the way to developing and deploying an App. Along the way, developers will learn how to work with many of the core React Native components and API’s, as well as best practices for file structure, Styles, and more.

Course Duration : 40hrs

React Native Course Syllabus

1. Introduction 

• Course Overview
• Platforms, Frameworks & Tools
• Hybrid frameworks versus Native
• HTML5 / CSS3 / JS brush up
• ES6 Javascript Basics
• Tools Install
• React Native – Hello World!
• React Intro

2.React Basics

• Getting started in React
• Components
• Component Composition
• Props & Prop Types
• Event Handlers
• State
• React Web App

3. Understanding React Native Development

• Creating the first App
• Understanding the App
• Styling the App
• Understanding Flexbox
• Inspecting & Debugging styles

4. Advanced React Native Components

• Built-in components
• Working with Images
• Hybrid frameworks versus Native
• ListViews
• FlatList
• Touchable
• TextInput
• Creating Views (Scenes)

5. Understanding State Management

• State
• State storage problem
• Redux Basics
• Redux Principles
• Implementing Redux
• React-Redux
• Middleware
• Counter App Demo

6. Navigation

• App Scene Navigation
• React Navigation Library
• Navigator Basics
• Implementing Navigation
• Stack Navigator
• Tab Navigator
• Employee Directory App

7. Integrating APIs

• Integrating data using API
• NYT Data API
• Wiring up Redux
• Asynchronous requests
• Refactoring code
• NY Times App

8. Preparing for Production

• Running on Physical devices
• Performance
• Testing
• Debugging
• App store submission

9. Course review

• Solving Issues
• Getting Help
• Resources Available
• Review & Closing

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