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Learn the Art of Web Development

Web Development Classes & Bootcamps in NYC. Learn Front-End Web Development. Learn to create webpages by coding HTML, CSS, & JavaScript. Code Responsive Websites. Optimize your websites for mobile, tablet, and desktop. Add Back-End Functionality. Create custom WordPress themes and code PHP & MySQL.

About Our Web Development Course

Our web developer course content is created and updated by experienced web developer to match the present standards of web technologies. In our website program, we teach all the aspects of layout designing, coding, and testing. Our commitment is to make you a professional web developer.

Web Developer Course Syllabus

PHP with My SQL

  • Variables
  • Built-in Functions
  • Server Side Includes
  • Authentication Methodologies
  • Session Tracking/ State Management
  • Object Oriented Programming in PHP
  • Exception Handling
  • Web Application Development
  • Arrays
  • Functions
  • String matching with Regular Expressions
  • Generating Images with PHP
  • E-mail Services
  • My SQL

  • Introduction to DBMS & RDBMS
  • Introduction to MySQL Database
  • Database Creation
  • SQL
  • DDL Commands
  • DML Commands
  • DRL Command
  • TCL & DCL Commands
  • Storage Engines
  • MySQL Data Types
  • Constraints Working with MySQL in the Backend
  • Working with phpMyAdmin
  • Integrate a Banner & Contacts Integrate Web Links
  • PHP Basics
  • Integrate Captcha-reCaptcha JOOMLA Components
  • PHP code in Joomla Site Other extended modules
  • Backing up and /or Restoring JOOMLA Site
  • Custom Modules
  • Joomla

  • Content Management System
  • Types of CMS Installation
  • Setting up a JOOMLA Site Create Articles
  • Template Manager Change the Template Custom Templates
  • Create Menus in Joomla Site Module Manager
  • Login Page
  • User Administration Search Module
  • Breadcrumb, Statistics
  • Who’s Online, Wrapper Modules
  • WordPress

  • Foundations of a WordPress-based website
  • Basics of the WordPress User Interface
  • Word Press based Sites
  • Finding and Using WordPress Plugins
  • WordPress Content Management
  • Creating and Managing Content
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